We make serious fun, by providing interactive, entertaining and unique professional skills training, incorporating principles of improvisation.  We deliver Think on the Spot® seminars for lawyers and other professionals who want to improve their listening,  thinking, speaking,  and presentation skills.  Our workshops also build skills for lawyers and other professionals in client service, team-building, networking, and negotiation.

We perform live music and entertainment for lawyers and other professionals at seminars, conferences, and law firm retreats.  Our focus is the combination of fun with law, but we work with many different kinds of professionals and in many industries.  Toni Halleen can bring her unique approach to your workplace or event, or work with you to develop an individualized coaching plan to develop skills in communication, thinking, speaking and making presentations, dealing with change, and creative problem solving.

All this learning and growth while having fun at the same time!


Toni Halleen